Amazing colour film of London in 1927 – the air is thick with pollution, horses and carts cross London bridge, and traffic police are at every junction directing traffic

Delicious strawberry rhubarb pie with a crumble topping

Silly kitty misunderestimated that lizard! If kitten freakouts are your thing, then OMG this is the video for you

Cupcakes meet your favourite cereal – I love it!

A chart showing ongoing Arrested Development jokes… Heeey brother!

Lightened up homemade thin crust pizza for other pizza-holics

Meet the woman taking action on misogynist hate speech on Facebook

Blueberry crumble slices by one of my favourite baking bloggers The Vagabond Baker

Um, I don’t know how to say this, but, are you actually a cat?

Bakerella's amazing Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies!

Bakerella’s amazing Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies!