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Happy Friday readers! Has this felt like the longest work-week ever to anyone else? I think its the psychological effect of having a three day weekend (Monday is a bank holiday in the UK). I’m even luckier that I get a four day weekend as my workplace is closed on Tuesday, hurrah!

This week has been preeeety crazy, with lunches, celebrations and lots of fun stuff to celebrate our engagement! Last weekend we dashed to a friends wedding straight after work, which was lovely – we had a great time!

On Sunday we headed down to London to see The Postal Service at the Brixton Academy, and checked out trendy pizza joint Franco Manca beforehand. They do sourdough pizza’s and they’re really delicious – I loved it! Mine had buffalo mozzarella, pine nuts, butternut squash and herbs. My only complaint is that they don’t have ketchup or chips on the menu, but then I am very common!

IMG_0582I also noticed this week that Asda (a british supermarket) have started to sell a ‘rainbow cake’ – although rainbow’s aren’t traditionally blue, orange, pink, green yellow! I definitely prefer my version!

IMG_0587IMG_0584While we were in London I also visited Peggy Porschen parlour which was lovely! I LOVE the pink exterior. I got a vanilla chiffon and chocolate cupcake (ALL FOR ME) but didn’t get to photograph them, but I’ve previously made her vanilla cupcakes and highly recommend them! They are very delicious, and I love that they’re made with cream cheese frosting – it means they don’t stand up well to being transported, hence no photo’s, but the taste is so much better!

IMG_0586 IMG_0588 IMG_0594The rest of the week was also full of lots more eating out (I’m in danger of turning into a pizza) and fun times! Can’t beat the chocolate brownie/vanilla ice cream combo!

Have a wonderful weekend!

x Kerry