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Happy Wednesday friends! Here’s a little roundup of some of the things I’m loving at the moment. I’d really like to hear

1.The Great Gatsby soundtrack

Though I was slightly underwhelmed by the film (and constantly baffled by Leo mispronouncing Gatsby’s catchphrase as “Old Spore”), I am loving The Great Gatsby soundtrack, especially Over the Love, Heart’s a Mess, Young and Beautiful and Love is Blindness.

2. Pinterest!

I’m sure I’ve raved about Pinterest to you before but its even more exciting now that I’m starting to plan my wedding!! If you’re a fellow pinner, come follow me here – and leave me a comment so I can follow you back! You can see my account here and my wedding inspiration board here.


3. Nice to sweet you

Lindt’s PR company very kindly sent me some chocolates to try out from their new to the UK – Hello – Nice to sweet you range (the name is just adorable!). I haven’t seen the range in the shops yet but they should be popping up soon.


Some of the range come with cute messages like ‘Just wanna say Thank You’ which is a pretty genius move – and I’m sure they’ll all be very popular for Valentine’s/being taken to dinner parties etc. I handed out the below Nougart Crunch bars to my colleagues at work who enjoyed them, and the range feels perfect for this purpose – as a little treat to show someone you’re thinking of them. I really love the packaging – it feels classy but fun and fresh in a way that will put it ahead of a lot of other brands.IMG_0592

The chocolate itself, was tasty – most of the range involves milk chocolate with added flavours like caramel brownie, cookies and cream (there’s even a white chocolate bar with coconut and pineapple which is unusual), and I expect it will become very popular – hopefully it will launch on an offer, as some of the pricing is currently too high in my opinion.

4. Arrested Development Season 4

It’s heeeeeeeeeeeereeee!! Join me in celebrating my favourite way by inserting AD references into work discussions and meetings – its a great way to ferret out other AD fans! Here are some to get you started –

  1. Her?
  2. I’ve made a huge mistake
  3. That’s why you always leave a note
  4. Marry me!

P.S. – Is anyone else hugely thrown by Portia di Rossi’s morphing into Calista Flockhart? So sad, she was so pretty before!

5. Summer fruit

Oh em gee, I am so happy delicious, cheap and plentiful summer fruit is finally here (even if Summer itself is a little undecided about committing to making an appearance). I can’t wait to consume my own body weight in fresh strawberries, cherries, watermelon and juicy cherry tomatoes. In my dream I’m sitting in the sunshine, sipping on a homemade watermelon juice (so what if I don’t have a blender, its a dream) and eating fruit. That means its time for light(er) summer baking to put all of that goodness to use too – I’m thinking pavlovas, buckles, cobblers, and more.

Your turn! What are you loving right now, readers?

x Kerry