Cupcake Academy

Since I started Kerry Cooks, my most popular posts by far have been about CUPCAKES, and especially this post showing how to achieve different swirl effects with piping nozzles.

Given that you guys LOVE all things cupcake so much, I decided to create a new area of the site with literally everything you need to be able to turn out perfect cupcakes, whether you’re  a novice or just want to learn more about certain techniques.

Here’s the prospectus – The recipes with links are already up, and those without will be added to the blog in the next few weeks and months

IMG_3383– Cupcake recipes –

– Frosting recipes –

– Hints and tips –

– More on Cupcakes –

6 thoughts on “Cupcake Academy”

  1. Sri Ratna said:

    I’ll love to practise it… !! Thank you…

  2. love this!

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