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Earlier this week, Lee and I ate at Petit Paris in celebration of his 29th birthday! I thought I’d share with you a review of what Petit Paris is like, what the food is like, and how much it costs!

Petit Paris is a fantastic value, genuinely french restaurant (most of the staff are french!) that seems to be doing really well despite the recession which I expect is down to their great offers.

When we visited on a tuesday lunchtime, we were the only non-OAPs in the joint, and you know those guys are a tough crowd who like a bargain!

The lunch offer is two courses for £9.95 (or three for £12.95) and you can also trade up to a slightly better meal by paying a small supplement. They also do evening and pre-theatre menu’s which are slightly more expensive -£10.95 or £13.95. And unlike many places that might offer good value food to get you through the door, you can also get decent wine with your meal without paying through the nose.

For my starter, I had a crispy brie parcel with tomato chutney and salad – it was very nice! I probably should have gone for cream of butter bean soup given my love of butter beans, but the cheesy goodness was hard to pass up!

Lee had a chicken and bacon salad with various veggies – he loves this salad!

For my main course, I had a roasted red pepper stuffed with various veggies (ratatouille style) and topped with mozerella. I don’t normally like pesto but it tasted good in this context. I did leave all of the rocket though as I can’t stand the stuff and I would have preferred the pepper to have some more interesting stuff in it like maybe some cous sous or breadcrumbs, but it was very nice and very healthy as it was!

Lee had the minute steak with a massive pile of frites. I swear Petit Paris get their chips from McDonalds as they taste almost the same – but much better than McDonalds chips! Yum.

Here’s me enjoying my main course

And Lee enjoying his birthday!

So in total we spent £19.90 for our food, plus about £10 on wine and soft drinks – and had a very pleasant experience! Another thing to say is that Petit Paris is a small, kind of higgeldy-piggeldy, intimate restaurant and its a nice place to spend a couple of hours.

Here’s a summary of the good and bad points of Petit Paris as I saw them – you can check out more reviews here


Good points

  • Good value
  • Delicious food, daily specials too
  • Staff very friendly and good atmosphere
  • Free bread! But….

Bad Less good points

  • Not sure if its as good on value as a 2 for 1 at say Strada but you are supporting a genuine local restaurant rather than a chain
  • The free bread comes with butter that is hard. as. a. rock. Petit Paris, if you’re reading this – stop storing your butter in the fridge!!

Where do you like to eat out around Nottingham? Do you prioritise value offers and 2 for 1s? Has anyone ever used a groupon/living social restaurant voucher before?