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My boyfriend got me this book as a surprise present for our 5 year anniversary. I was very happy since I had already had a good look through Cake Days when I bought it as a birthday present for a friend and it looked like a great book.

I have the original Hummingbird Bakery cookbook too and this one is a lot longer with more recipes so great value for money. The tone of the book is pitched exactly right – there’s not so much explanation that you feel patronised (such as ‘This is a BOWL. You will need some bowls to make a CAKE’) but not so little that you’re left feeling lost.

The book is divided into seasonal sections, with lots of little anecdotes that give you some interesting insight into working at the bakery. The sections are

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Spring Weekend Bakes
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day
  • Easter
  • Summer Afternoon Tea
  • Birthdays and Celebrations
  • Rainy day treats
  • Halloween & Bonfire Night
  • Christmas

Some of the reviewers on Amazon would prefer the book to be divided into more traditional sections (cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes etc) but I really like the format – it makes the book more interesting to flick through for one thing, as there’s lots of variety rather than cake / cake / cake, cookie / cookie / cookie.

The book is very pretty to look at and most of the recipes have pictures (I know Kirstie and Phil would tell you to use your imagination but I just can’t stand a cookbook with barely any pictures). All the recipes are clear and easy to follow. Here are some examples of recipes from the book

  • Caramel cupcakes
  • Lemon and thyme loaf cake
  • Apple streusal cake
  • Pistaschio whoopie pies
  • Rose cupcakes
  • Summer fruit cheesecake

There are a few recipes in the book that are replicated from the first book but that didn’t bother me much as I think overall its a great book. Plus its the Hummingbird Bakery – they weren’t going to publish a cookbook without their vanilla cupcake recipe in it.

I’ll be making the tiramisu cupcakes in the next few weeks so I’ll keep you updated on how those turn out!