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I got sent a copy of Cox, Cookies and Cake by the lovely folk at Baking Mad, which is a website and community with lots of info on baking, recipes etc. It is set up by the company that manufactures various products, including Allinson’s flour and bread, Silver Spoon products, Tate & Lyle products and Billington’s sugars, and it is represented by celebrity chef Eric Lanlard whose TV series ‘Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard’ – catchy title! – was on Channel 4 during March.

As you can see from the pictures, the theme of the book is somewhat risque cakes – the idea of Cox Cookies and Cake, where Lanlard teamed up with shoe designer Patrick Cox, was to open a sexy cake shop. This is an interesting idea, achieved in the most part by making cakes that look like boobs or have little torsos on.

I’ve had this book for a while now and I’m not a big fan of it… I can’t fault the recipes themselves (the salted caramel cupcakes above look AMAZING!), and it has very good reviews on Amazon but there’s just something about it I’m not keen on. The style of the cakes in the book just isn’t me at all for the most part – generally I do like things to look pretty! I also dislike the photography style of the book, which is clearly in-keeping with the aesthetic of their (now closed down after mixed reviews) London shop but again isn’t my cup of tea.

There were some things I really liked about the book – take a look at this ingenious use of bubble wrap – how clever is that!!

And the glittery decorations are pretty cool too. But overall its just not for me. So I’ve decided to donate my copy to the next Cake Eaters Anonymous raffle for the next event which is coming up on Sunday.

I couldn’t review the book without making at least one recipe from it, so I baked these granola cupcakes, or as I have dubbed them, healthy cupcakes! I’ll bring you the recipe on Monday!

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what I’ll be baking for Cake Eaters Anonymous on Sunday, its actually a Eric Lanlard recipe from his second book, Home Bake, which I will also review soon, merged with a bit of this recipe.

Intrigued? I’ll tell you….

chocolate brownies + cream cheese swirl + cookie dough

They’re brand new…. I’ve googled, I think I’ve invented ’em. Help me out people – what should I call them? ‘Chocolate cheesecake brownies with cookie dough bites’ ‘Cheesecake swirl brownies with cookie dough balls’ ‘Half baked brownies’

I’m not sure if the word balls is a bit out of place…… cookie dough nuggets? cookie dough surprise?

Send ideas!

x Kerry