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I noticed this new drink as I was dashing through my local Tesco picking up a few essentials. I’m normally pretty focused when I’m shopping and don’t usually grab stuff that isn’t on my list, but this caught my eye. I absolutely love the flavour of watermelon and have had a lovely summer eating copious amounts of it, but sadly, watermelon season is now over! So even though this drink was about £2.20 (more than I would normally pay), the lure of watermelon drew me in!

I was worried when I first tried the drink that the watermelon flavour wouldn’t come through (the drink is made of about 12% watermelon) When you first try it, the first thing that you can taste is normal orange juice. Before I had a chance to get too angry at being tricked into parting with £2.20 for zero watermelon flavour though, the delicious watermelon flavour came through.

This is a really refreshing and lovely drink (perfect for hot summer days – damn you Tropicana for not bringing it out sooner). It would also be absolutely perfect as the base for a cocktail, and mixed with some vodka and lemonade would taste like a much more difficult to make/expensive drink. It definitely has the Kerry seal of approval!

Next up is the Galaxy Caramel ‘A gift for you’ which I spotted in the local Co-Op along with lots of other new christmas chocolates, including the my purple bar and aero christmas tree (plus all the usual stuff from previous years). I admit that I did a little squeal of excitement when I saw the christmas chocolate on display.

The RRP for the new chocolate is 65p but they were on 2 for a £1 in the Co-Op which I imagine would be a frequent offer since the chocolate really is quite small. It does make a fantastic gift though as its pretty cute – it would be nice as a stocking filler.

The chocolate is moulded into the shape of a gift wrapped in a bow and looks absolutely adorable (I LOVE bows!). The two thicker squares on the left are caramel filled and the two squares on the right are solid chocolate.

I really enjoyed the variety of caramel/sold chocolate and its a perfect chocolate to have with a cup of tea – it tastes indulgent but its less than 200 calories which isn’t too bad for a chocolatey treat (equivalent to an Eat Natural bar!).

Have you seen these in the shops/tried them? What did you think? Have you tried any other new products lately that you loved or hated?