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Happy Friday lovely Kerry Cooks readers! And a million sighs of relief were uttered as the first full working week after Christmas came to an end! Here’s what I’ve been getting up to this week…

IMG_4037A fun trip to Ikea to scope out sofas and get a few other bits and bobs with Erin. I’m pretty indecisive so it looks like we’re keeping the old sofa!

IMG_4039I bought the first edition in the 30 Best Loved Recipes series, which features short recipe books using popular brands. I thought the first edition was definitely worth buying at 99p, but I doubt I’ll be buying future versions at £3 a go. Sarah from Maison Cupcake wrote about the series here. The first two books, Dairy Milk and Lyle’s Golden Syrup were cute and had some interesting recipes, including some I would definitely try like Chocolate Mud Pie. There were also some completely laughable ‘recipes’ like strawberry’s dipped in Dairy Milk (I’ll leave it to your imagination) and Dairy Milk covered pretzels, which is a fantastic idea except that Cadbury’s already SELLS THAT PRODUCT.

IMG_4040Anyhoo… vintage tea cups hanging in my kitchen. These just make me happy!

IMG_4041Desperately searching for a bit of energy!

IMG_4058Yes I am a little closer to the detail of the cost of baking goods than most people, but allow me a small rant. At 70p, Silver Spoon’s chocolate chips (thats the price for the milk and white ones too, and the milk ones were recently on offer at 35p) is overpriced (given that I can buy 100g of milk chocolate in a block for 30p and chop it into chip sized bits) BUT its still reasonable. What are Dr Oetker are thinking positioning their product at almost TWICE the price of their only competitor?

IMG_4061Marty guy sitting on top of the oven trying to soak up any residual warmth

IMG_4062And a mahoosive new piece of wall art – I got this frame for £21 from Ikea and this poster was originally £5 from the London Transport Museum – not bad for something nearly as big as me!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m baking something spectacularly indulgent. Can’t wait to share it with you!

x Kerry