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Hmm. Despite the inevitable new years resolution to eat more healthfully I appear to have been trying a lot of new chocolate lately!

Fabulous Fingers

I had gotten from somewhere the incorrect idea that the new fabulous fingers were GIANT fingers. I think it comes from the packaging above, where they’ve zoomed right into the finger on the right so you can see the layers. So when I bought these (for a £1 at Asda, the RRP is £1.99), I was mightily disappointed that they were regular old finger sized – indeed they seem stubbier than normal fingers.

However they are very tasty indeed with the two layers of chocolate adding up to a moreish mouthful (ooh alliteration!). I would buy these again if I was going over to someones house and needed something to munch on, but only at the bargainous £1 price and not at any more than that – its just not very good value for money at the full RRP at all.

Twirl Bites

I loooooove the little mini twirls that you get in boxes of Cadbury Heros. They’re amazing. So Twirl Bites were always going to be something I loved as clearly I love the original twirl. I didn’t love them as much as I thought though, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they look NOTHING like the picture on the bag and nothing like the mini Twirls in heros. I suspect, although it may just be a ridiculous conspiracy theory, that the proliferation of kit kat bites, twirl bites and all the other bites about at the moment are as a result of the fact that its a cost effective way to turn the offcuts of producing the bar into a marketable product. They’ve taken something that would probably have been consigned to the bin before and are now selling them. Check out how the Twirl Bites actually look –

Picture : Splodzblogz

Not very appetizing is it? Whats more the bites are all jagged and misshapen and lumpy, I don’t know if its scientific or psychological but they don’t actually taste as good as the little Twirls from heros!

Twirl Bites are £2.03 RRP with frequent BOGOF offers on them, and I got mine for £1.29 from Home & Bargains.  I wouldn’t buy them again 😦

Chunkie Caramel cookies

Sorry for the small picture – it was the best I could find on the web!

This new caramel version of Fox’s chunkie chocolate-chip chocolate-covered cupcakes is similar to the other versions (chocolate chip, white chocolate chip and chocolate chup – coated) which are AWESOME. There is no better complement to a cup of tea than one of those bad boys. These new biscuits seem to be the same as the usual milk chocolate version, but with added caramel flavouring. If I’d thought about it for a second I probably wouldn’t have grabbed these off the shelf as I don’t enjoy the taste of artificial caramel flavouring at all. I’m not sure anyone does? I was expecting some kind of liquid caramel element as with Fox’s AMAZING millionaire’s shortcake biscuits. So these biscuits aren’t for me and I wouldn’t be buying them again but Fox’s are still my favourite biscuits overall!