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If you’re ever in London, check out the Nordic Bakery in central London near Piccadilly circus. It’s a chain, but one that I’ve never encountered before and I was immediately intrigued when I saw a sign mentioning cinnamon buns.

Cinnamon buns may be my favourite food, certainly my favourite winter comfort food anyway! If you’ve never tried them, they’re a sweet yeasted bun with yummy cinnamon butter swirled though them. If you haven’t tried them you really must when the weather gets a bit colder – they keep you going when it’s arctic outside by putting a good layer of insulation on you!

As well as the buns, the Nordic bakery sells other baked goods like biscuits ( they made me laugh trying to pass off a clearly gone – wrong biscuit as ‘rustic’ – wonder if anyone fell for it! I may be gullible about some things but I am a baker and know what a biscuit looks like when it goes wrong!), rye breads and crispbreads.

The cinnamon bun was £2.20 which is really good value considering it’s size. I was also very pleased that it was warm and fresh from the oven.

It was very delicious and cinnamony which is really all you can ask from a cinnamon bun!

Mmm – look at the swirls!

If you’re ever in London I’d recommend giving the Nordic Bakery a try, it’s a nice quiet and relaxing place for a sit down and a cup of tea. There’s even a Nordic bakery cookbook to try too!

I’ll be back tomorrow (by that point I’ll hopefully have gotten over my sugar rush from the cinnamon bun!) to talk about my SUGAR DETOX. How fitting after a week full of unhealthiness!

What’s your favourite treat to be enjoyed in the cooler weather?