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Note – Quirk books were kind enough to send me a copy of the cookbook for review. I didn’t receive any other compensation and all the opinions below are mine, as always!

When I first heard about this cookbook I was beyond excited. I LOVE cookie dough (as evidenced here and here!) and all too often find myself whipping up a batch just for me. I was a *little* bit unsure that there could possibly be enough cookie dough recipes in the world to justify a whole book though, and I expected that the recipes would possibly be fairly standard ones just with cookie dough inserted. Spoiler alert – I was wrong on both counts!

The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook is written by Lindsay Landis, of popular blog Love and Olive Oil.

Here’s is a selection of the recipes in the book

  • Cookie-dough stuffed french toast (OMG)
  • Cookie dough billionaire bars
  • Cookie dough whoopie pies
  • Cookie dough bread pudding
  • Cookie dough layer cake
  • Cookie dough cheesecake
  • Cookie dough creme brulee

So what did I think? Well, as you may have guessed, I love this cookbook! It’s definitely a must-buy for anyone who loves cookie dough (which is everyone, right guys?). Here are some of the things that I liked most about it –

  • Every recipe in the book has a picture. This should be the law.
  • The recipes themselves – they’re incredibly inventive, and there’s so much more variety and ‘oooh’ recipes than you would have thought possible for a book about cookie dough!
  • The book is spiral bound which makes using it in the kitchen very easy – you don’t have to worry about the pages flopping around!
  • Lindsay provides really handy conversion tables at the beginning, and her instructions throughout are really comprehensive and easy to follow, with extra added tips and ideas too, such as how to package your treats into adorable gifts.

So far I’ve only tried two recipes from the book – the cookie dough itself and the chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiches, which I’ll post soon. They both turned out GREAT and as I said above, the instructions are really comprehensive so I have no doubt that the rest of the recipes will turn out equally as good.

Buy the book here, plus get cookie dough freebies, including printable cookie flags and cookie dough wallpaper here!

Do you have the book – what do you think? Tell me honestly – which do you prefer – the cookie dough, or the cookies?

I think both are awesome in their own ways……. but you just can’t beat cookie dough!

x Kerry